The Fog has been rolling across the Golden Gate Bridge and I’ve been standing outside with my easel against the stinging winds while painting the bridge.

Today is our last day of the Plein Air Convention here and today we paint in Wine Country.

Forgive me for the break but, after last night’s Big Hippy 70’s Party and an early rise this morning, I’m tapped out.

This week magic happened and powerful stories emerged as a result of people coming to the Convention. Tears streamed down my eyes as these stories were told at last night’s closing ceremony.

One woman felt lead to the convention and almost did not come, but because she registered herself in our directory, a true miracle occurred.

Thirty years ago her young son disappeared. She has not known where he is or what happened to him — no idea if he was alive. Little did she know of his search to find his mom; Googling her name constantly in hopes of finding her. Suddenly his search found her name on our site as an attendee here at the Plein Air Convention, and yesterday the two were reunited. Here at the Convention he showed up, found her, and they are again together. There was not a dry eye in the room.

I’m more convinced than ever that we are placed in situations and places for a reason. Especially after hearing several stories this week that proved people were here for a reason.

Another woman was painting, approached by a man and a discussion lead them to realize they were distant cousins. She a painter, he a gallery owner whose initial introduction was to invite her into his gallery. What are the odds?

About 800-900 of us were brought together for a purpose this week and I’m grateful to serve them and be the conduit for such serendipity.

I’ll be back next week… but first, one thought: follow the little voices in your head and you may be led to a special connection or place for an unknown reason.

And hug those you love.

See you next week.

Eric Rhoads