23 10, 2021

The Secret to All Success


As I sit on the red cushions of the old wicker couch on this long Texas porch, the heat of the cushions feels great on my travel-weary back. My sleepy eyes are squinting at the intensity of the morning light, which is casting a yellow glow on the side of my art studio in the back of the property. The dogs keep jumping up on my lap, then leaping off to chase squirrels. I’m happy to be home after four months away in the Adirondacks.

Life of Regret

Recently I had a discussion with a friend who has lived a life of regret. In fact, he was sad and pathetic because every time we meet, he tells me about all the things he could have done but was too afraid to do. He was tremendously talented, but his fear of failure destroyed his life. Instead of using his amazing talents in Hollywood, he locked himself in his house for 30 years after he did not get a job he felt he deserved.

Stuck in the Mud

We all have experiences we regret, and many of us struggle with clinical depression, but every time I talked with my friend over many years, he brought up the job he almost got, and then told me all the reasons he did not really deserve to get it. He was stuck in his own mud.

What if he had tried one more time, or two more, or 20 more? What’s the worst that could have happened? Instead, he stopped trying.

How Do You Define Success?

We all define success differently. Some want jets and mansions, others want a great family, others want adventure. Yet to gain the success we want, we have to overcome fear.

I was afraid to ask out the most smart and beautiful woman I ever saw. But I eventually overcame my fear and ended up married to an amazing woman who gave us three wonderful kids. What if I had never overcome my fear?

Success is defined by your willingness to step out in spite of your fear in order to accomplish your dreams.

I’ve met some of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world, including presidents, vice presidents, billionaires, astronauts, sports heroes, and people who run giant industries, celebrities in film, TV, radio, and music.

Funny thing .. they are just regular people in every way. Some I’ve met did not even seem all that smart. But the one thing they all have in common is that they don’t let the fear control or stop them. They persist in spite of their fear, in spite of their failure.

What if I fail?

So what?

What if I look bad?

So what?

What if I lose everything?

So what?

Success in life, in work, in career, hobbies, and family is always about overcoming fear. We fear working harder, we fear failure, we fear ridicule, and we fear rejection.

What do you fear?

What could you do if you had no fear?

In what ways is fear controlling or preventing you?

Though there are many habits and abilities that impact success, fear is the one that holds us back most.

Have the courage to look fear in the face and say, “YOU DON’T CONTROL ME.”

You can do this. I know you can.

No matter your stage in life, old or youthful, you don’t want to look back at what you did not try because of your fear.

People who change the world have fear. But they step out anyway.

When will you overcome your fear? When you do, you’ll have newfound freedom, and greatness will emerge.

Eric Rhoads


I’d like to dedicate today’s Sunday Coffee to Dean Pickering, a member of my team who passed away this week, just a few weeks after learning he had cancer. Before he passed, we let him know our video production center will be named after him.

Yes, Even You Can Learn to Paint

This has been a year of discovery for hundreds, possibly thousands, of people who discovered painting from my daily broadcast. Close to a couple of thousand learned to paint landscapes, portraits, figures/people, flowers, and more by attending my Realism Live online conference. It’s back by popular demand, and we have a whole new world-class faculty this coming November teaching on our Beginner’s Day and our three-day event. Hundreds who never believed they could paint learned how, and you can too. If you can’t make the dates live, you will receive replays. I 100 percent guarantee your satisfaction, or you get your money back. www.RealismLive.com

Streamline Update:

People tell us we’re like “Disneyland for Artists.” I get so many questions during the week that I’ve decided to do a quick overview of what we’ve been up to at my company in the past and the coming week. Here is a brief review.

A big push for the Realism Live virtual conference teaching figures, portraits, flowers, landscapes, architecture painting, drawing and more. We’re offering valuable incentive bonuses to sign up by Sunday, November 7. Visit RealismLive.com. And for those who love our fashion goodies that come with certain registration categories, those disappear after tonight.

Last week we released an amazing new landscape video from Mary Garrish.

The week before that, we released a new instructional video from Gavin Glakas.

Coming this week are releases from Kyle Buckland and Camille Prezwodek.

Our $15,000 PleinAir Salon art competition is about to wrap up for the month. There is still time to enter.

Love to paint clouds? Check out this brand new video on clouds and skies!

Our next virtual conference will be Watercolor Live, and we’ve already had hundreds sign up. If you want to learn from the world’s top watercolor artists, this is your chance. www.WatercolorLive.com

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2 10, 2021



Little Things

If I listen closely, I can hear an orchestra of a million small raindrops falling on the leaves of the deep green forest behind me. A small drizzle makes a huge impact when multiplied.

These forests are rejuvenated with tens of thousands of massive trees, reaching into the sky, too high for me to reach and certainly to climb, yet our ancestors here had cleared these forests just a hundred years before.

Small seeds falling in big winds replanted over a million bare acres of beauty, now preserved forever wild in this Adirondack park.

Little Can Be Big

Whether seedlings, small winds, or tiny droplets, small things can make a big difference. A giant ship in a hurricane-force wind among huge waves can change course to a new direction with a captain’s slight touch on a small wheel controlling the rudder. A small board can lift a large load with a fulcrum in the right place. A large load is lifted by a small pulley system. Huge forest fires are started by small sparks.

Where in your life have small things made a big impact?

For me, small words motivated massive action, resulting in a lifetime career.

When I asked my 14-year-old self what I wanted to do with my life, my answer was radio. But my aunt told me radio people are bad: “You don’t want to be a part of that industry. Radio people are evil.” But I wanted to be on the radio, and, knowing I’m not bad and I’m not going to be evil, her words made me mad and determined to prove her wrong. The result was a long, fruitful (and still ongoing) career in and around radio. And when I saw bad practices in radio, I set out to change them. For instance, women were treated horribly, sexually harassed by clients and management, so I used my magazine to raise awareness, do articles, create awards and lists, and over 30-plus years have had

Positive or Negative?

Words are small, seemingly innocent things, yet one frequently repeated statement from my dad — “You can do anything you set your mind to” — built my internal confidence. Though no one else, it seemed, believed in me, my parents’ constant encouragement launched me.

What small words of yours are having a big impact?

You and I have choices. Our words can be encouraging or discouraging.

I had no idea.

A few years ago I received a call from a man I barely remembered. He said, “One night over dinner you told me, ‘You are really smart, and you’ll own your own radio stations one day.’ I did not believe it at the time, but those words echoed in my head. No one else ever believed in me. You did, and that small spark encouraged me. I ended up owning one, then two, and now several radio stations.”

“The tongue can no man tame; it is a restless evil, filled with deadly poison.”

— James 3:8

“So the tongue is also little, it can boast great things.”

— James 3:5

What if we all watched our tongue? What if we held back the temptation to lash out and spew negativity, and instead projected encouragement and belief in others?

We would change the world.

Your small, seemingly innocent words can have an impact. Words can ring in our thoughts for decades. They can set us on fire or burn us at the stake.

How will you use your words today?

Eric Rhoads


This week I’m hosting just under 90 people at my Fall Color Week artist retreat. We’re having a blast and wish you were here. (Next retreat is my Publisher’s Invitational in June.)

I’m really excited about our next virtual art conference, Realism Live, which I’m hosting in November with the world’s finest artists as instructors, teaching figures, portraits, still life, landscape painting, and more. There’s even a Beginner’s Day. Check it out before registration bonuses disappear.