Startled out of bed, I awakened shocked to the sound of a giant fireworks BOOM! It’s been happening all night, even though the New Year celebration is supposedly long over. I drag myself up, tired from a long night of firework alarm clocks, and start my day because of my resolution to get up earlier.

My resolutions:

  • Up by 7
  • Read a passage in the Bible before I check e-mail or social media
  • One hour workout, five days a week (two days a week with a trainer)

Gym owners will tell you that 80% of their signups happen the first week of the new year, and that most people show up for the first 30 days and don’t come back. But keeping their membership active makes them feel like they are doing something.

Did you make resolutions?
Have you broken them yet?

The moment you break a resolution, it’s over. So make sure you are committed.

And, if it’s goal-related, like weight loss, you’ll need a process or a plan to follow. Just saying you’ll lose weight is like saying you’ll show up in Hawaii without getting on an airplane. List out the specific steps to be followed. Be specific (such as limit to X calories a day, exercise for X minutes a day, get your heart rate to X for X minutes daily, etc.)

Accountability is also important. Share your resolutions with those who will challenge you if you break them, and give them permission and encouragement to call you out for cheating.

That’s all for today. I’m keeping it brief so you can concentrate on your resolutions.

Eric Rhoads

PS: Though I had lots of projects to get done over the holidays, only part of them were finished. It gives me an excuse to take some more time off in the future, I suppose. Or not try to do so much.

2022 promises to be a great year (if you make up your mind for it to be, no matter what).
Be strong.
Keep your mindset in check.

Follow your weekly goals.

Keep your head in the game.

Here are some things that will be happening at Streamline starting tomorrow.

  1. If you did not see it, we consolidated the Streamline Art Video, Liliedahl, and Creative Catalyst video brands into PaintTube. This will mean less confusion, fewer e-mails, and better service.
  2. Starting this week, PleinAir Today, our landscape painting newsletter, will go daily, including a summary Saturday. If you’re not signed up, go here.
  3. American Watercolor will move to twice weekly for the year. 
  4. Our big watercolor conference could hit record attendance this year. We decided not to raise the price after all, so you can still get a lower price if you go to this secret website for Sunday Coffee readers to use (you won’t find the price on the regular website).
  5. This week we’re launching a new video on painting cars, called Wheels & Steel with Lyn Boyer.