You Can Strive to Be the World’s Best


In the 1850s the Hudson River School painters painted in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York — and were accused of exaggerating the colors of the sunsets. Yet living here and experiencing the sunsets each night, I can testify that the colors are so brilliant, so vibrant, that no matter how brightly or brilliantly they may have been painted, they could not touch the colors in the sky.

Banner in the Sky

In 1861 Frederick Church painted a piece called Our Banner in the Sky, a depiction of the American flag made up of bright-colored clouds, with a hint of blue sky and stars showing. I always thought it was a bit kitschy and made-up, until I saw an almost exact reproduction in the sky here, with red stripes of clouds between white stripes, and a patch of blue showing. The only things missing were the flagpole and the stars.

On Golden Pond

This has been the summer of sunsets. I posted a video on my Facebook of brilliant golden light shimmering on the water, reflecting the gold in the sky. Almost every night has been a display of color so brilliant that no paint color could possibly represent it. Last night I sat here on the dock as the sun went down and watched a light show of color that got better with every second, and just as I thought it had peaked as the sun slipped behind the pines’ silhouette, the entire cloud-filled sky lit up like the Las Vegas Strip.

This morning the sky has reset in preparation for yet another show tonight. There is dew on the dock and it’s cooler today, the lake is like glass, and the birds are happily entertaining with some soft, quiet chirps to fill in the silence.

Last week I mentioned giving yourself some oxygen, but what I didn’t tell you is that I had planned a little oxygen for myself this past week. I blocked the week out on my calendar, took the week off, and spent all day, Monday through Thursday, working on improving my painting skills.

Two Big Goals

Specifically, this goes back to a moment of frustration two years ago when I felt I was not making the kind of progress I should be making. So I crafted a plan to see if I could make a dramatic leap, starting by realizing I had two goals … to get better at landscape and plein air painting and to get better at portrait or figure painting, my two passions. (It’s no coincidence that I have a magazine and a conference for each, with the PleinAir Magazine Plein Air Convention & Expo and the Fine Art Connoisseur Figurative Art Convention & Expo.)

Great Mentors

I decided I needed to study under two people I greatly admired for their skills and their ability to translate those skills to the feel of emotion in their work. I then decided to watch their videos to learn and practice all that I could. I considered a workshop with each, but found my available time was limited. With busy family and business obligations, more time away was not an option, so I had to figure out how to fit them into something I was already doing. So I made an arrangement with a top landscape artist to meet me at one of my events, where I would be out painting daily anyway, and asked him to paint with me and coach me for the week. This past week I did the same with a top portrait and figurative painter I highly admire. Since I would have been working anyway, we worked 9 to 5, and I was home with the family the rest of the day.

It’s a little soon to know the impact of this past week on my painting, but if it works as well as my landscape painting adventure, it should make a significant difference. In both cases I had good basic skills but needed to get to the next step fast. A week of solid, dedicated instruction was just the ticket. Now I’m committed to using these techniques and colors going forward for the next few years so that I reinforce what I’ve learned. And in both cases I’ll watch the videos a few more times to remember things I’m sure I’ve forgotten.

Learning Obsession

I find it a bit comical that the guy who could barely graduate high school because of bad grades could be so obsessed with learning, but the key is finding something you’re passionate about and making it a lifelong education. My dad used to tell me, “Education is a bargain at any price.” It’s so true.

Meeting the Challenge

Over decades I’ve interacted with and experienced lots of different kinds of people, and the ones most frustrating to me are those who claim expertise, yet don’t reach or strive to be at the top of their game. God has given us each a life, and it seems as though we should choose to be the very best in the world at what we’re trying to do. Why just get by? Why not be the world’s leading expert? Though I’m far away from being the world’s leading expert at anything, I’m driven to be the very best I can be.

It’s Not Done Till It’s Overdone

Painting is just one example. I want to be the best I can be in my business, be the best I can be when I’m on stage, and be the best I can be when writing. That’s why I am a member of a mastermind group that meets monthly by phone and three times a year in person. That’s why I travel to conventions and events so I can meet and study under the best in the world. That’s why I pay to attend writing workshops and speaking workshops, and why I take lots of online training. Anything done should be done well.

What I Strive to Be

I once saw a speaker on stage at a radio convention. He was the best speaker I had ever seen. He was confident, entertaining, outgoing, and exuberant on stage. I wanted to be that guy, so I went up to him after his speech and asked if he would teach me. I then attended his workshop for a week. I’ve done this with several great speakers because I want to get better at my craft.

The Deep Dive

We are all wired differently. You may be thinking, “This isn’t for me. I don’t see myself working that hard.” Or maybe you simply don’t feel it’s the right direction for you. I hear you, and I don’t want to suggest this formula is right for everyone. But I can tell you one thing I’ve discovered on this journey … a deep dive into anything you love is an investment in your happiness. These things can excite you, reinvigorate you, and make you feel better about yourself. And there is no better confidence booster than seeing personal growth and having it reinforced by others.

Not only is pushing yourself great for your head and your actual performance, you’ll find yourself getting to new levels, then challenging yourself to see how far you can take it. Wouldn’t it be cool to be invited into an art show of top artists, knowing it was earned?

Recently I received a compliment when a top marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, invited me to speak on his stage at his conference. Though I declined because of a travel conflict, it’s recognition that what I’m learning is making me better.

Never Ever Give Up

The normal view of the world is that you go about your days, do your job, retire from that job, and coast the rest of your life. My view of the world is that you be the best at your job and become the best in the world at what you do, just to see how far you can go. And when that ends, you keep going by finding something you’re passionate about and becoming the best you can be, and you do it so that you have the enthusiasm and energy to go forward at 180mph the rest of your life.

Though retirement isn’t for me, if it’s for you, be the best you can be when doing it. My friends from Colorado retired and started yoga training for veterans and now have an organization doing 200 classes a week. That’s what inspired me to create our initiative to teach painting to veterans. Just because your body is aging or because your career in one area will come to an end does not mean you have to coast the rest of your life. It’s great if that’s what you want, but if you keep learning, your brain will tell you that you’re alive and keep you strong and vibrant. And having a goal like mine, which is to teach a million people to paint, gives you a focal point to concentrate on. (If you’re not a painter and want to be, check out my free lessons.)

Recently I spoke about how my brain was scrambled, confused, and overwhelmed in a guitar lesson. I honestly did not think I could do what my instructor wanted me to do, yet by practicing it over and over in small chunks, I’ve mastered it. (We teach this for artists in our video The Master’s Mind).

What have you always wanted to learn? What are you doing where you can see yourself working toward being the best of the best? Maybe it’s learning a new language, learning a craft or a hobby (please try painting!), being a better painter, a better marketer, a better writer, a better  … fill in your blank here. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to get the training you need, and once you start to focus on something and spread the word that you want to learn more, great things will come to you.

What’s the first thing that came to mind when I asked what you see yourself learning? What was the limiting thought that immediately crept in? (I’m too old, too young, too poor, too rich, too lazy, it’s too hard.) Push that aside and go for it anyway. You’re in control of your mind; don’t let your thoughts put up roadblocks.

Here’s to you and me learning some new things yet this summer and fall! Have a great day.




  1. Adele Corrigan August 12, 2018 at 7:43 am - Reply

    It’s as if you are watching our small group of painters and echoing our same words.
    We are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Reaching for places we have never been with paint, brush and canvas. Wanting to be better at painting the figure and portrait we are taking turns sitting for each other.
    You can always find a way to reach your goals. Like you said, your never too old, or on a fixed income to get better at what you love to do. Go for it. Find your friends who want go on the same trip and above all share with one another.
    Thanks Eric.

  2. Gabriele Baber August 12, 2018 at 9:09 am - Reply

    Inspiring, as always Eric. I enjoy your Sunday writings. Thank you. I have been involved with an online course, my first. This week I gre frustrated with my self. “I should be better at this by now!l. I have set my standards pretty high. Thank you for reinforcing that we should continue to learn and grow. Your words helped me today Eric. Gabriel Baber

  3. Mary Montague August 12, 2018 at 9:11 am - Reply

    I always look forward to reading your post every week. Sometimes it’s almost the end of the week before I get to it but it’s there waiting for me .I love to think about sitting on that deck and seeing the mist rise off of the water. I’ll see you in October. Looking forward to meeting you in person .Mary

  4. Rita Cirillo August 12, 2018 at 11:31 am - Reply

    Thanks! You said exactly what I needed to hear today. I KNOW I can achieve a higher level of excellence than I am at right now, but find myself stuck in the endless loop of doing and saying the same things over and over again. Your thoughts on self-educating in my current situation (vs. packing up the car and running off to yet another workshop) made me realize that I can just as effectively improve my art by staying home, working with videos and online courses and whatever other resources I can find. Hoping that will recharge my batteries and spark my excitement for painting again.

    I really enjoy your Coffee with Eric series. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Stede Barber August 12, 2018 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    “a deep dive into anything you love is an investment in your happiness.”..Yes! A lifelong learner here, too…my passion has always been my art…leaving this world a little bit better than when I arrived here…and now, learning to market from my heart!

    I love your passion for becoming a better painter…that seems to be a hallmark of a true artistic soul. In my personal and teaching experience, the vision we touch to inside is always more stunningly or quietly or glowingly beautiful than we can get into form…but I’ve found when I reach for the highest and best inside me, the results connect with that, even with room for improvement. The dance of essence and form…

    I am just discovering you, and enjoying what I read. My challenge (1 of them) is to keep balance between my outer and inner worlds…when either overshadows the other (too much doingdoingdoing! or too much undirected time) I don’t feel good. Breathing in AND out creates such a vital experience!

    Thanks for being you and sharing with the world, Eric!

  6. Linde Gold August 12, 2018 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    Sunday Morning in Las Vegas, coming home from my early walk, having breakfast/coffee and tnan turned on the computer, reading your Sunday morning letter of todays ENCOURAGEMENT. I am so exited reading your pages that i will follow your plan of accomplishing more then letting my past desires that have been nagging me, for just about forever. I will go out have that self-talk, and put a PLAN OF ACTION in MOTION. Will let you know of my developments.
    Again Thank you for this mornings ENCOURAGEMENTS.

  7. Pam M Wilkinson August 12, 2018 at 1:49 pm - Reply

    I’m not too old (just 77), not rich, but have just enough. BASICALLY,I just can’t make up my mind as to choices on what I most want to improve.. I swim well, used to dive – but not diving board available and my knees aren’t so good. I do plein air and studio work in oils, but am easily distracted with garden and creative meal preparation. I hand-build clay, but the classroom is so crowded, it’s hard — but sometimes I work in my home studio.

    We also travel. When we do that, I collect images on my android. So … many choices to work from, several started, but what am I doing right now? Using the computer.

  8. Kathryn Trillas August 12, 2018 at 10:16 pm - Reply

    I have done several workshops with painter I found to be interesting. Each had attributes I didn’t think I possessed. Unfortunately I came away from these workshops not as impressed as I was going in. I didn’t accomplish or finished a single painting. Most were pretty bad. But I didn’t throw them out or cover over them. I kept them up in the studio thinking about the instructor’s own work and what I was looking for. I’ve finally realized it was a connection to something I was already doing, but not recognizeing. That this little piece of the puzzle was actually the part I was actually good at. That by recognizeing how someone else achieved that effect, I was see how and were I could and should work harder to keep this decision making moment, of the design and exicution, front and center in my mind. Up to this point I go into a painting feeling like a total novice, despite years of formal training. But after realizing the connection, to bits and bobs of training and observed, that I need to trust myself to make the right decisions. Sometimes after the 3rd and 4th adjustment to the work.

    We get our heads filled with all the right information. We just have to keep working at it, to get the right mix of answers to flowing from our brains through our arms. Each of us does it differently. Which does not make someone better than the other. It gives us all art to look at, admire and wish for. Which is why we don’t burn down the studio.

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  21. Judith Slawter August 24, 2018 at 11:58 am - Reply

    It is 12 days since this was posted, but I just read it and it was what I needed for today! I find that God does that regularly for me!
    I have embarked on doing a show of 70+ of my works in my home, inviting close to 200 people. Granted only a fraction will come, but I must prepare as if they all will come. All this while continuing to care for my wheelchair bound husband. This blog was the boost I needed for today. Good happens with hard work and God’s blessing!
    Thank you!

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  62. Thank you for posting this–it's so rending. And when you think of what the industrial revolution was doing all over England, and how many little Toms there were in the world, torn from their families, made to do that God-awful and dangerous and deadly work–it's still moving after all these decades.

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  71. and JUST after posting that, I went over to El Goonish Shive and saw that the sketch referenced the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond.Instantly made everything ten times better.   0 likes

  72. Onnea Kempparille! Minua kiinnostaisi kynsilakat (olet ilmeisesti luvannutkin näistä kirjoittaa), miksi ne haisevat niin pahalle ja onko niistä tehty hajuttomia yksilöitä?Sitten voisit postata häistäsi, millainen puku oli? 🙂

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  88. Momma is at your side on the fragrance thing…both because of Puff’s lung issues and because there is nothing worse that being seated at the Opera (ours is open air, mind you) behind someone who makes you to want to sneeze or have a drippy nose all evening! Thanks for sharing.

  89. Well all you need is, Tankdozers,flame-throwers, Lots of H-E, tanks and troops.(Oh!! wait you all ready have that) Start at the top and kill everything alive in gaza-EVERYTHING. Then go to the west bank- ECT. and do the same thing.A little nerve gas in the caves and cellers will make things go much faster. Extrminate them. Problem solved forever.

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  97. 1ceI would ask that breastfeeding mamas be a little bit nicer to those women who have honestly articulated a contrary view. Just because something is a law, doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with it… there will always be those who don’t agree. You will convince people of the merits of your opinion if you respond better than I have seen a lot of people do in this discussion here and on other threads.

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  104. September 24, 2012 at 12:55 pmWhat is more alarming to me is that some idiot American can make a stupid video that no one normally would ever view or care about. And this has become a world-wide story and people have died. Does this mean that any blog comment in the future could incite hatred worldwide or any dissent or disagreement on a religion (any religion) that gets the attention of some inciting media could cause this type of dangerous reaction?

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    “I need some adventure, and I don’t want to wait until my retirement to really travel and enjoy life” <- Love it! I am in my mid-20's and find work/life/adventure a challenging mix! You go girl! Can't wait to read about your adventure!

  106. Dear mnbvcx,Sure–I understand your constraints. Objectivity and transparency is something that we strive towards. Unfortunately, it is bloody difficult to get information out of a system where all parties involved prefer secrecy and lack of public scrutiny/ accountability.

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